CS12000108: Digital Image Processing

Fall 2009-2012 (For UNDER-GRADUATES)


Instructor: Jianbing Shen                                      TA: TBD
Course Hours:  Mon.,  Wed.

Course description:
The course of digital image processing is an elective bi-language course for under-graduates. The main purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to basic knowledge for basic concepts, theories, methodologies and applications for digital image processing. The main teaching topics include fundamentals of digital image processing, image enhancement in the spatial domain and frequency domain, image restoration, image compression, image segmentation.

Lectures notes and projects: http://iitlab.bit.edu.cn/mcislab/~shenjianbing/DIP15.htm

CS11-081203-103-07: Computer graphics

Spring 2010 (For phd candidates) ,  Spring 2011 (For phd candidates) 


Instructor: Jianbing Shen                                         TA: TBD
Course Hours:  Mon 2:00-3:50 pm, Wed 4:10-6:00 pm

Course description:
The course of computer graphics will give you the recent important techniques and help you overview these new methods. Moreover, I'm going to show new things in SIGGRAPH and other top journals I think are interesting. I am sure that they are interesting then you should enjoy the course.

Lectures notes and projects: http://cs.bit.edu.cn/shenjianbing/CG10.htm
Lectures notes and projects: http://cs.bit.edu.cn/shenjianbing/CG11.htm


CS: Computer English

Spring 2009/Spring 2011 (For GRADUATES)  专业外语(工程硕士课程)

Supplement materials: talk1, talk2talk3, talk4, talk5,  talk6, talk7 ......


CS: Computer vision (part)

Spring 2010 (For GRADUATES)  计算机视觉(硕士研究生课程)

Supplement materials:  6Region,  8Texture,

1) Shape from Shading papers;  2) Color transfer papers